Meet Our Team

United by, but not defined by, Down Syndrome, our team is dedicated, creative and empowered!

Pictured from left to right,  Angel,  Larissa,  Payton and Lisa.   (Amanda was not available for the photo.)

Angel: When I'm not painting scarves, I like to listen to music, play my congas (drums) and watch wrestling. My favorite food is rice, beans and pork chops. Music is my passion! My favorite artists are Michael Jackson and Marc Anthony. If I could do anything I would play in a band. I am a dancer with the Southern Dance Theatre and  I enjoy performing at events very much.

Payton:  When I'm not painting scarves, I like to sing and dance on my stage, create arts and crafts and hang out with my family and friends.  My favorite restaurant food is a salad with everything in it and a side of fries. My favorite food at home is Dad's roast beef!  I love music, mostly rock and pop from any of the past 5 decades. My favorite singer is TAYLOR SWIFT!  If I could do anything, I would paint scarves during the day and be a rock star at night!

Lisa:  When I'm not painting scarves, I like to go on bike rides and ride my bike to Wendy's for lunch. I like to watch movies, especially "Lemonade Mouth" and hang out with my friends. My favorite foods are ribs, "Steak and Shake", chicken fingers and strawberry ice cream.  I like listening to music by Hayley Kiyoko, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Selena Gomez.  If I could do anything, I would take care of babies in a daycare center. I love babies!

Amanda:   When I'm not painting scarves, I enjoy reading, writing, singing, dancing and acting.  I also love spending time with my wonderful boyfriend Michael.  My favortite food...well I love a lot but spaghetti is my top favorite. I also enjoy lobster and crab.  My two favorite bands are Nickelback and Maroon 5.  Adam Levine is so hot! Too bad he's married lol!  For solo artists I really like Rihanna and Jesse McCartney.  If I could do anything, I would definitely like to become a famous singer.  I plan on eventually auditioning for THE VOICE.  Hopefully one day you'll see me on there!