Welcome Amanda Mostyn

09 January 2013

Welcome Amanda Mostyn

 We are proud to announce our partnership with Amanda Mostyn.  Amanda is an outstanding, talented, creative, bright young woman who raises money for her organization, SAIL, Self-Advocates for an Independent Life!  SAIL provides opportunities for Self-Advocates (adults 18 years of age and older who have a disability) to attend conferences.  Due to the lack of paid employment opportunities for people with disabilities, (I prefer to call them "different-abilities") funds are limited to attend these conferences.  Amanda is a Self-Advocate with Mosaic Down Syndrome, who works full time yet is not paid due to her "volunteer" status.  Amanda is hard working and an important member of the environment where she volunteers, yet because she has a "diagnosis" it is easy to accept her time, talent and dedication for free.

Amanda not only "works" 5 days each week, she takes time to raise money to help others. We are joining Amanda in her commitment to provide the opportunity for Self-Advocates to attend these informative conferences to improve the quality of their lives.  Our partnership will benefit Amanda's cause by raising money and awareness as well as fulfill our mission to employ people of all ages and abilities, starting with Amanda!  Please check back next week to view Amanda's collection of hand-dyed silk scarves. 

Thank You so much for Wearing and Sharing your Caring-Couture Hand-Dyed Scarves, Created for a Cause!!

Many Thanks,

Laurie and Debra