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19 January 2015 Our Story

Our story begins in September, 2012 with a mom and me project completed by Laurie and her daughter Payton. Laurie and Payton each painted a silk scarf hoping to give them as gifts to family members. Mom spent much time deliberating over just the right color combination and placement of such color. Payton's approach was far different, she chose all of the colors, dipping her paint brush from one color to the next in what can only be described as, reckless abandon. Laurie thought at that moment this may not be the best gift idea, until the paint dried. Debra, Laurie's sister looked in awe at the beautiful hand-painted scarf Payton created by mixing unconventional colors together to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Laurie had also created a nice yet rather ordinary scarf. This may not seem extraordinary until you realize Payton was 10 and has Down Syndrome.

After many conversations regarding Payton, her can-do spirit, zest for life and the hope for a future that is as enthusiastic, vibrant and rewarding as she is, the talk turned to action in the form of Caring-Couture. is a For-Purpose company where all products are made with love by team members with special needs. Caring-Couture's primary goal is to positively impact the lives of individuals with special needs by providing empowering employment opportunities.

Being part of a community of parents with children ranging in age from newborn to adult, allows a view into a world I could describe as past, present and future. I have been where the parents of the newborns are and can benefit from the experience of the parents who have been navigating through school years into adulthood. This community of caregivers have been brought together by one commonality, Down Syndrome and the desire to raise independent, accepted, successful, fulfilled adults. Children with disabilities have the option to remain in public school until the age of 22. Now What? Most caregivers have to find "somewhere to put" their young adult with disabilities. That is where the importance of Caring-Couture and other forward thinking companies become invaluable.

Perhaps you're thinking, how nice, someplace for people with special needs to go. That is just the beginning, people have the same drive to succeed, to work and to be appreciated no matter what their physical or intellectual capabilities are. Many adults with disabilities are offered volunteer positions that people without disabilities get paid to do. Our mission is to give as many opportunities to as many people with different-abilities as possible, change hearts and minds, inspire others to hire people with special needs, raise awareness and change lives, one accessory at a time.

We are thrilled that two scarves hand-painted in the garage have become hundreds of unique scarves painted by our amazing team. At this time our team is comprised of Payton (our inspiration), Amanda, Angel, Larissa and Lisa. Although our artisans all have Down Syndrome, we look forward to employing many people with varying physical and intellectual disabilities. As mentioned previously, we are united in the community of Down Syndrome and are Blessed to have access to a room at Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization to create works of art. As we continue to grow we will have a place to call home, at which time we will have the opportunity to hire more fabulous team members.

In addition to providing exclusive, one-of-a-kind products and great service we want to change the way society and employers view people with different-abilities. Change takes time and we appreciate yours. Please take a moment to Follow us on:

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